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Say "Good Bye" to Hard Water

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We believe that installing and proper maintenance of Water Softeners is a crucial investment for your home. With nearly 30 years of experience, we have found that reducing harmful mineral buildup in a home’s plumbing systems can keep things running more efficiently and will lower homeowners’ expenses in the long run.

Installing and maintaining water softeners is a very common customer request when working with our technicians in San Antonio and surrounding areas including New Braunfels and Boerne. For instance after we install a new Dual Media Water Softener system, previous customers immediately reported being able to see, taste, and feel the benefits of soft water "it's like getting bottled water from every faucet".

Water Softener Products

Aramendia carries Nelsen Corporation Standard and Dual Media water softeners, one of the best Water Softener brands on the market! Both Nelsen Water Softeners systems are top-of-the line products that are easy to use and provide superior soft water.

  • Nelsen water softener system - Standard
    3 sizes based on occupancy
    1. 30k grain: low-occupancy residences
    2. 45k grain: medium-occupancy residences
    3. 60k grain: high-occupancy residences
  • Nelsen Dual Media system
    • Water Softener comes with a built-in carbon filter

Water Softener replacement process

  • Choose Proper System
  • Select the proper system for the usage required - this typically depends on the number of people living in the home.

  • Removal process
  • Shut off the water, disconnect the old unit, and recycle the old unit.

  • Installation process
  • Make unit connections (in and out) with approved fittings, connect brine tank and fill program head. Adjust hardness setting, time of day/date, fill system with water, connect air gapped drain line, purge all air from the fixtures on the system, run the regeneration cycle and check for leaks.

Common Water Softener Issues & Solutions

Problem 1: Softener not working

  • Your water might not feel the same as it did before. You may also notice hard water spots on your dishes and shower stall. A ring may form around your toilet bowl where the water line is.

Solution of problem :
Check the salt levels. Standard maintenance is to add 1 bag of salt per month. The salt tank should never be more than 2/3 full. If the salt level is fine, it could be an issue with programming. The softener should be set to automatically regenerate, and if this is not happening, it will cause the system to malfunction. Also, check your power source to ensure your system is properly functioning.


Problem 2: Softener not running/not using salt.

Solution of problem: Check the programming and regeneration time.


Problem 3: Low water pressure in home.

Solution of problem: Replace softener media.


Problem 4: Brown beads coming out of the fixtures.

Solution of problem:
The presence of gold/brown colored beads means that there is resin in your water lines. This typically indicates that the resin tank has failed and your softener system needs to be replaced, and water lines in the home flushed of any/all resin beads.

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The Damaging Effects without water softeners

Hard Water Spots: While hard water spots on glass windows and kitchen or bathroom fixtures in your home may not be extremely damaging, they are most definitely unattractive. It is frustrating to do some deep cleaning only to see spots remaining on shiny surfaces. Water softeners can help solve this problem and provide a spot-free home to enjoy.

Dirty-looking Dishes: The minerals present in hard water can make cleaning your dishes difficult as the active ingredients in dishwasher detergent sometimes cannot be activated by hard water. We at Aramendia recommend a water softener to help your dishwasher clean your dishes more effectively.

Dry Skin and Hair: Being able to have healthy, soft hair and skin is a benefit that water softeners can provide and our plumbers know that soft water is important for many families. Removing the harmful minerals that can dry out skin and hair can be especially helpful for those people that suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Water Flow Reduction: Hard water buildup in your plumbing system can cause a reduction of water flow and can negatively affect other aspects of your plumbing system. The professionals at Aramendia want to make sure that you have the required water pressure in your home and that your system is working efficiently.

Mineral Deposits on Appliances: Many appliances in the home use water to function, like refrigerators or humidifiers. Mineral deposits that build up within the working of these appliances can cause them to work less efficiently and end up costing you extra money to keep them running.