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Trust Aramendia with your Backflow Needs

Backflow testing is one of the many professional plumbing services that Aramendia offers the San Antonio area. Aramendia is an industry-leading plumbing company with many years of experience in backflow inspection. Even if your water looks clean, there’s a chance there could be a backflow problem. Let one of our certified backflow trained plumbers come out to your home to make sure your backflow device is operating properly.

We have several certified testers knowledgeable in the very latest industry practices in backflow RPZ testing and installation. Our services are insured to make sure that any work we do on your backflow prevention device and RPZ valve is done in a safe and efficient manner. When you work with Aramendia, you can be sure that you’re working with a team of reliable plumbers who are committed to delivering you expert plumbing services and the very best in customer service.

What is Backflow RPZ Testing?

Your home may have an RPZ, which is a reduced pressure zone. The RPZ acts as a backflow prevention device to prevent contaminants from entering the municipal water system.

At Aramendia, our certified testers specialize in:

  • Conducting annual backflow RPZ testing
  • RPZ inspection
  • Backflow prevention device maintenance

If you have backflow RPZ testing done and it's determined that the prevention device can't be repaired, it will have to be replaced instead. Since prevention is always easier than repair, you’ll want to make sure that you have your RPZ valve properly inspected every year as recommended.

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Benefits of Backflow Testing

When you have a backflow inspection done, you can take care of a major plumbing problem and prevent future plumbing problems as well. If backflow does happen to find its way into your shower water or faucet water, it will pollute and contaminate your water supply. A pollutant is a harmful substance that changes either the color or the smell of water or may even be unnoticed, but isn’t an actual threat to your health. A contaminant, on the other hand, can possibly cause either illness or death if a person were to ingest it. Keep your family safe with regular backflow inspections and backflow testing.

An Aramendia certified tester will come out to your home completely prepared with a fully-stocked service truck with all of the equipment and plumbing tools necessary to take care of your inspection and testing as well as address any problems that your RPZ valve might be having. Backflow is a serious problem, and we don’t want to waste any time getting anything other than fresh water flowing through your home’s plumbing system.