Much can be done to avoid air conditioner breakdown. There are many reasons why some units fail to work. Most times they need the attention of technicians like our Aramendia certified professionals.

Problems with Your Air Conditioner


This major component is responsible for turning the warm air into cool air. However, it can malfunction due to coming loose or not properly sealed. At times you may smell a chemical odor. With regular air conditioner maintenance, these and other problems may be caught in time.


Sometimes the compressor overheats and causes the circuit breaker to trip. This condition also contributes to inside compressor damage, which may result in a major air conditioner repair.


The refrigerant, also called Freon or coolant is like the lifeblood of the unit because it cools the air chemically. Low refrigerant could be due to a leak. If leaks are not dealt with right away, they may result in the unit needing an emergency air conditioner repair.


Faulty wiring is another reason for your air conditioner breakdown. It can interrupt the power supply and cause the circuit breaker to trip. Our San Antonio air conditioner company knows how to address this problem.

Fan and Belt

The fan transfers warm inside air to the outside. When the fan is not working, the compressor will overheat. The belts must also be in good condition for it to transfer heat effectively. Ignoring this problem often leads to emergency air conditioner repair.

Clogged Air Ducts

If too much dirt and debris accumulate in the ducts, they may need expert vacuuming out. With air conditioner maintenance, this can be detected.

Frozen Coil

Without routine air conditioner maintenance, the coils can become frozen due to inefficient air flow caused by clogged air ducts or dirt filters.

To avoid unnecessary air conditioner repair, Aramendia knows the preventive measures. As your San Antonio air conditioner company, call us at 210-491-0309 before your air conditioner breakdown.

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