plumbing-icoIt’s 6 a.m. on Monday morning. You wake up, get a cup of coffee and head for the shower. Reaching for your shampoo underneath the cabinet sink, your hand lands in a small puddle of water. “Not now,” you say to yourself, following with, “Where is it coming from?” And finally, “NOW what do I do?”

Whether it’s a small leak under your sink or a large leak inside one of your walls, a leaking pipe is always bad news. Even the smallest plumbing leak will only become worse, causing more damage if you ignore it. If you find a leaking pipe in your home, don’t let it ruin your day. Below are some helpful tips to follow before you call the plumber.

Sneaky Leaks – Where’s the Water Coming From?
Since most of your plumbing is hidden behind walls, under floors and in your ceilings, sometimes leaks are hard to find. Any moisture changes in your home, like condensation on your windows or higher humidity levels, could mean you might have a sneaky leak. Additionally, look for dampness on floors, and water spots on walls or ceilings, as well as warped areas on floors and underneath sink cabinets. Any of these could mean you have a plumbing leak and you should call a plumber.

Handling Leaks You Can See
Sure, you can try to handle a small leak by placing a bucket under the pipe or wrapping plumbers’ tape around the leak, but it won’t fix the problem – in fact, it could make it worse. While these methods may help minimize water damage for a bit of time, the leak will continue to worsen and may even lead to your pipe bursting, leading to major water damage. Your best bet? Turn off your water and immediately call your plumber.

Ignoring a leaking pipe won’t make it go away and waiting longer to address plumbing issues may turn a minor plumbing repair job into a major – and costly – repair, resulting in water and mold damage that could cost thousands of dollars.

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