Typically, we acknowledge air pollution as an outside issue or plight of big-city living, but in reality, just because we’re indoors or live outside of a metro area doesn’t mean we’re safe from harm. In fact, a growing body of evidence is starting to suggest that the pollution in our homes is diminishing our indoor air quality and putting us at risk for health complications.

Indoor Air Pollutants, Allergens & Chemicals

While it would seem as simple as keeping a clean home or office, the indoor air pollutants that could be affecting your air quality are resistant to typical cleaning measures, and sometimes byproducts of those same chemicals you use to clean. From lead and radon to microscopic dust mites, pet dander and bacteria, the sources of indoor air pollution are vast. For instance, although you may not even have a pet, your daily interactions could be tracking pet dander and other pathogens into your home.

In an Interview with WebMD, Dr. David Lang, the head of Allergy/Immunology at the Cleveland Clinic, shared:

“Even if you don’t have pets, you’ve probably got pet dander. It’s become what we call a community allergen. Pet owners carry it around on their clothes and shed it throughout the day. You can’t get away from it.”

Containing more than 4,000 chemicals, secondhand smoke is presumably one of the single-most important contributing factors to indoor air pollution. Tobacco smoke effects everyone, adults and children alike, and can have serious, even fatal, consequences, especially after long-term exposure.

Mold can have a serious impact on indoor air quality. With our hot and humid Texas weather, mold has every opportunity to grow, spread and adapt. While mold is a common allergen that exists as part of the natural environment, once it begins to grow indoors, it can quickly become a very serious problem. As spores are allowed to grow and mutate, inhalation of these pathogens can cause you to become severely ill, and in some cases, lead to death.

Outside pollutants could also be coming into your home or office, whether it came from that new mattress or piece of furniture you ordered, the lead paint that covers the walls, or even the fragrances emitted from modern chemical cleaners. As we increasingly spend more time indoors, the importance of indoor allergens and irritants has become more pronounced. With the amount of time spent indoors, coupled with the fact that most modern homes are built to be airtight, prevents indoor irritants from being able to escape easily. Due to these factors “We’re all exposed to a greater degree than we were three or four decades ago,” Dr. Lang shared in his interview with WebMD.


Air pollutants directly effect your indoor air quality, including pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals.


How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Though it’s not all doom and gloom! Luckily, there are a number of home remedies you can employ to beat back indoor air pollutants and prevent inadvertent health conditions.

At Aramendia Plumbing Heating & Air, we suggest that you ensure your home or office is well-ventilated to allow for air movement. Given the amount of pollutants in the air, and their inevitable entrance inside, we encourage the use of air purifiers to help remove airborne contaminants, and strongly recommend regularly replacing all air filters within your air conditioning, heating and/or ventilation systems.

To eliminate mold as a health risk, moisture control is key. Unfortunately, the combination of moisture in a home and Texas’ naturally warm, humid climate yields the perfect environment for mold to thrive, but can be easily averted by maintaining a healthy level of humidity, approximately 30% - 50%. A quick and easy way to accomplish this is through the addition of a de-humidifier.

If you happen to be a smoker with tendencies to use indoors, then it would significantly improve your indoor air quality to smoke outside to ensure tobacco smoke does not infiltrate your air, home or office.  

While these home remedies may help to restrict pollutants in your home, Aramendia proudly offers an array of solutions and preventative measures that both home- and business owners can utilize to dramatically improve their indoor air quality, such as UV light, media filters, de-humidifiers, electrostatic air cleaners, and ductwork, among other options.


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