Commercial Air ConditioningThe main purpose of going to the extent of installing a commercial air conditioner system is to ensure the comfort of everyone concerned. When the thermostat is not set at the correct temperature, therefore, it defeats the whole purpose of having a heating and cooling device. Unfortunately, setting the temperature too high or too low can have major consequences because it will influence customers in one way or another.

When you choose Aramendia Plumbing, Heating, & Air as your San Antonio air conditioner company, we will see to it that you always feature temperatures that are conducive to business.

Every company knows the importance of good customer service. This includes accommodating them as best as you can. The influence of incorrect temperature setting of commercial air conditioning is almost, always negative. If the negativity grows, it will have a definite effect on business decisions.

When the Temperature is Too Low

  • It can discourage customers from frequenting your business.
  • The less customers visit your business, the less opportunity they have to patronize it.
  • They will be forced to wear winter attire during the summer.
  • It increases the chances of customers getting sick by experiencing extreme temperature changes when they enter and leave the building.

Inappropriate commercial air conditioning temperatures are not always intentional. There are times when air conditioner maintenance may be required. This is no excuse to prolong discomfort. Another reason for incorrect temperature gauging may be malfunctioning parts. Perhaps an urgent air conditioner repair is needed.

When the Temperature is Too High

  • Most people perspire a lot in hot temperatures, and this does not go well with a well-dressed customer.
  • People's breathing can be affected by poor air quality.
  • It interferes with the air quality because it encourages the survival of bacteria in the air.
  • It puts customers at risk for health conditions such as breathing in allergens and pollutants that are indoors.
  • The discomfort of sitting in a hot office presents a discouraging mindset, which may send customers elsewhere to conduct their businesses.

An efficiently-running commercial air conditioner system needs ongoing care and routine checks. This is why your business needs the attention of our San Antonio air conditioner company. Once all the parts are functioning as they should, it becomes an asset to customer service.

Conducting timely air conditioner repair is very important to customer care. It will also guard against wasting money on broken-down parts in the future. With the qualified help of our Aramendia Plumbing, Heating, & Air technicians, you can keep your customers satisfied year round. Call us now at (210)-904-2263 for your heating and cooling comfort.

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