Water SoftenerAt Aramendia San Antonio, we have the experience and training to take care of all your plumbing needs, including essential plumbing products such as water softeners. A water softener can reduce the appearance of hard water spots, soften skin and hair, reduce hard mineral build-up in your appliances, and save you money.

Benefits of Installing Water Softeners

Money Savings - Homeowners who install water softeners have been shown to save money because soft water need less soap for bathing and doing laundry. In fact, many plumbers agree that most families use too much laundry and dishwashing soap, which leads to buildup and damage. We recommend that you install a water softener and cut back on your soap use.

Healthy Hair and Skin - Removing hard minerals from your bathing water will help reduce drying of your skin and hair. This means less use of moisturizing products and better results from those you do use. Soft water can be helpful for those suffering from painful skin conditions and dry, flyaway hair.

Cleaner Dishes - Without those annoying water spots, your dishes will look naturally cleaner and brighter. No one wants to use a glass covered with cloudy spots, and a simple thing like softer water can help eliminate the appearance of these mineral deposits.

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