At Aramendia Plumbing, we’ve heard it more times than we can count. We get a call from a frantic customer that includes a combination of words and phrases like, “my water heater exploded,” “there’s water everywhere,” “I need you to come NOW” and finally, “(inaudible crying or swearing).”

And we get it. When a water heater busts, it’s accompanied by A LOT of water, and that, of course, is bound to make even the calmest person panic. Sadly, however, when we ask our customers if they noticed any signs of water heater leakage prior to the big flood, many say, “Well…it was such a small leak, not even a leak, like more of a drip.” And then they give us that look we have become very accustomed to receiving – the look of, “I should have called you sooner.”

A water heater leak, no matter how small, is a potentially HUGE problem. And if not addressed, that annoying, but “harmless” leak could turn into a big leak – fast – causing major flooding, which in turn, leads to carpet, floor, wall – and unfortunately, wallet damage.

A water heater leak is also potentially VERY dangerous – even life-threatening. Faulty and leaky water heaters can cause a variety of hazards, including carbon monoxide leaks, scalding water resulting in burns, fire, and finally, your water heater unit exploding.

Identifying A Water Heater Leak

Sometimes (and unfortunately) a water heater leak is easy to spot. Often times, however, leaks can be sneaky.

  1. Check underneath your water heater from time to time. If you notice a small pool of water under your water heater unit is probably a pretty good indicator of a leak.
  1. If you notice your kitchen and bathroom sinks aren’t pushing the usual amount of water or water pressure is low, you may have a water heater leak.
  1. If you notice water leaking from the water heater temperature or pressure relief valve, your water heater has exceeded safety limits. Shut down the water heater power source and call Aramendia Plumbing & Air immediately.

Trust Aramendia For Your San Antonio Plumbing

If you suspect you have a water heater leak, don’t wait – it could potentially cost you much more in both personal damage and injury. Call Aramendia Plumbing, Heating & Air immediately, then, turn your water heater off and shut off the water heater water supply. Aramendia Plumbing, Heating & Air are your San Antonio plumbing experts, including plumbing repair, sewer cleaning and line service, plumbing maintenance, bathroom plumbing, toilet repair, drain cleaning and sink repair, and much more. Keep your summer leak-free and call Aramendia today to find out more about our annual plumbing maintenance program.