Summer in San Antonio means poolside days and barbecue nights, breaking out the shorts, tank tops and flip-flops. Summer months also mean cranking up your air conditioner. And there’s nothing worse than finding out on a hot day your A/C is broken.

Now is the perfect time to do a pre-summer A/C checkup. By following a few simple steps, you can save yourself and loved ones from unbearable sweating as the temperature outside begins to rise.

Replacing Vent Air Filters
It’s an easy step in A/C maintenance, but unfortunately also the most neglected. When filters aren’t changed regularly, your ducting system gets dusty and unit efficiency declines. Below are three types of common filters for your air conditioner.

  • Fiberglass filter
    Fiberglass filters are inexpensive and disposable. While they aren’t as efficient as other types of filters, if you change them monthly, they perform fairly well.
  • Polyester or pleated filter
    If remembering to change your filters is a challenge, pleated fiber is a great choice as it only requires replacement about three to four times per year.
  • Washable air filters
    Washable air filters are the least expensive and most environmentally friendly, but require monthly cleaning. If you forget to clean these filters, your A/C unit will be forced to work harder.

Cleaning the A/C Drain Line
It’s important to clean your A/C drain line to prevent clogging. If clogging does occur, it will overflow, often times creating a mess that affects your ceiling. By pouring a cup of bleach through your drain line each spring, you can prevent messy clogs and overflows.

Cleaning the Condenser Coils
Because your A/C unit lives outside, it’s susceptible to debris, grass and other elements that cause clogging. Cleaning the condenser coils a few times during the summer increases air conditioner efficiency dramatically. To do this, locate your electrical panel, turn the system off and remove the outside unit housing. Vacuum or brush carefully to avoid bending the fins, then use a trigger garden hose to spray the coils from the inside, avoiding fan and electrical elements.

While it’s all fun and games around the pool, don’t take chances this summer with a broken A/C. Maintaining your air conditioner ensures you’ll be cool all summer long. Don’t have the time to DYI? Call Aramendia Plumbing, Heating & Air to find out more about our AC annual service program. Our friendly professionals will make sure your air conditioner is summer ready and in tip-top shape for the hot San Antonio months ahead.

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