Garbage DisposalGarbage disposals are one of the most useful household tools, and they are also one that requires the least amount of maintenance. With just a little amount of care, most garbage disposals will run fine for years without a problem. Here are some tips for easy garbage disposal maintenance from the experts at Aramendia Plumbing, Heating, & Air.


  • Don’t use bleach when cleaning your disposal.
  • Don’t overload your disposal. Remember that your disposal isn’t a replacement for the garbage can.
  • Don’t use hot water while running your garbage disposal. This will cause grease to accumulate and can cause clogs over time.
  • Don’t put celery, potato peels, or corn husks down the disposal. The fibers from the celery and corn husks can tangle and jam the motors, and the potatoes can turn into a thick paste that makes the jams stick.
  • Don’t use a chemical clog remover if you suspect you have a clog.
  • Don't grind animal bones, metal, or coffee grounds.


  • Do keep your disposal clean. Clean regularly by running the disposal for a few minutes with dish soap and cold water.
  • Do cut large food items into small pieces (or throw them away instead).
  • Do use cold water for a smooth disposal and to preserve the blades.
  • Do remove fallen objects that are not decomposing. These can dull the blades or jam the disposal. Do not attempt by reaching down with your hand. Use a flashlight and a long-handled tool or call an expert for assistance.
  • Do call a San Antonio plumber, like Aramendia, if your disposal begins to make strange noises, if you suspect you have a clog, or if it stops functioning normally

Most garbage disposals don’t require heavy maintenance, and these tips should help keep your disposal running in tip-top shape. However, if you do need garbage disposal help or any other plumbing repair, Aramendia Plumbing, Heating, & Air at (210)-904-2263.

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