Is your air conditioner giving you problems? If so, you may be considering a new air conditioning system. Avoid being scammed by crooked service companies by doing your homework first. Buying and installing a new AC unit is an expensive process so it’s crucial you research service companies prior to installation. Choosing an honest AC service company with licensed technicians will inhibit any chance of being overcharged and paying more than necessary.

Before you hire a service company to install a new AC system, here are a few tips to avoid being scammed by a less-than-reputable business.

Do Your Research and Ask for Verification from Your Contractor

Make sure to research any service company before inviting one of their AC contractors into your home to inspect your AC unit and estimate replacement. You want a contractor that is licensed and insured with a good reputation in San Antonio. The AC company should have a local, physical address, be licensed with the state, have worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Ask for verification of all these items before hiring any AC contractor.

Beyond having the licensing and insurance requirements, ask about other affiliations. Are they accredited members of the Better Business Bureau? Are they listed on reputable referral sites like Angie’s List? Where can you find customer reviews? Make sure the company you hire has a stellar reputation that they earned and want to protect.

Ask for a Written Estimate

Don’t accept a verbal quote or estimate. Always ask for a written estimate for all the work that will be done. One of the scams that occur with disreputable AC service companies is offering a low quote on repair or replacement then charging a different amount upon work completion. If you have the estimate in writing, you can protect yourself from a bait and switch scam situation.

At Aramendia Plumbing, Heating and Air, we offer a free estimate with no trip charge. We will give you an honest, fair estimate based on a professional evaluation of your home to replace your existing AC unit.

If You Feel Pressured, Ask for a Second Opinion

Scammers make their money by pressuring customers to make quick decisions and often ask for money upfront for large expenditures. If you are feeling pressured by an AC contractor, you should ask for a second opinion and put away your checkbook. Get a written estimate for the AC repair or replacement then call us at Aramendia. We will be happy to give you a no-pressure second opinion and estimate of work time and total cost.

Replacing your AC is a large expenditure. Don’t get scammed by a company or contractor that won’t do the job right. At Aramendia Plumbing, Heating & Air, we have earned our reputation as a trustworthy contractor in San Antonio by performing every service with high quality workmanship, while respecting our customers’ need for urgency. If it is time to replace your AC unit before the summer heat, call us for a free estimate and no travel fee.

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