Interest rates are still low and home prices are rising steadily – Furnace Repair which may mean this is the perfect time to sell the home you’ve been thinking about selling. Whether you have a desire to move because you are seeking a new adventure, or are ready because you are finally out of the red on your home (yay!), you no doubt hope to get the most you can for your home. Here are three ways to make sure you do.

1)     Repaint your home interior. If you have a fairly neutral pallet already on your indoor walls, this may just mean a touch-up here or there. However, if your son had to have black walls and your daughter insisted on a purple shade that may not appeal to the next buyer, it may be wise to paint the walls a neutral tan or off white color. Remember, many buyers lack the vision to see beyond basic cosmetic changes, so you may want to spend $100 or so to make the changes for them.

2)     Have your carpets cleaned. Don’t waste money by replacing the carpet altogether, as long as there are no major holes or damaged areas, as the new owners may have a particular taste in flooring. A quick cleaning will be plenty.

3)    Have your AC serviced. You want a buyer to walk into your home and immediately feel cool air without the sounds and smells of a poorly functioning HVAC unit. Call us, your local expert in Kirby AC repair and replacement, to schedule your check-up today.

Now happy selling! And may you get the most possible money for your home.

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