Plumbing problems can vary from minor leaks on your sprayer nozzle on your kitchen sink to pipes bursting and causing thousands of dollars of damage. How do you know when to call a plumber for an emergency repair or when you can possibly repair the issue yourself? While not all plumbing problems warrant an emergency call to a reliable plumber, there are some that should be taken seriously to avoid further damage and unnecessary expense. Here are ten signs that you need to make an immediate call to your local plumber.

  • Toilet won’t flush. Most people have experienced a clogged toilet, easily fixed with a plunger. But if your toilet won’t flush and a plunger doesn’t relieve the issue, you may have a larger problem in your plumbing system.
  • Water stains. Have you noticed a water stain on your ceiling or walls? Call Aramendia immediately. You may have a leaking pipe that is quickly causing water and possibly mold damage to your home.
  • High water bill. If you receive a water bill that is much higher than usual for no apparent reason, call a plumber to find the problem. You could have an underground water leak that hasn’t surfaced yet.
  • Dripping faucet. A dripping faucet may seem like a small issue, but it could become a big problem if left unresolved. Imagine coming home to a flooded bathroom or kitchen.
  • Leaking toilet. Is water seeping from the base of your toilet? The seal may be broken – call Aramendia for a free estimate on repairs.
  • Backed up drains. One clogged drain is a good enough reason to call a plumber – several backed up drains can mean a big problem in your sewer lines that needs immediate repair.
  • Low water pressure. Is your water only coming out in a trickle, or with much less pressure than usual? Call Aramendia to make sure it is not a major problem like a pressured valve malfunction.
  • Loud water heater noises. If your tank water heater starts making loud noises, call Aramendia. It may need to be drained or replaced.
  • Water near water heater. Tank water heaters have been known to burst at the seams when they are older, flooding homes with gallons of waters. A puddle near your water heater warrants a call to Aramendia.
  • Any odd water puddles. Plumbing water should not be puddled under your sink, in your garage or any place that is not a water fixture. If you have a small leak, it could become large and expensive very quickly. Call Aramendia immediately.

If you catch a plumbing issue at the first sign there is a problem, you can reduce the cost of repairs by hundreds, even thousands of dollars. When you see any of these signs of plumbing problems, call our emergency plumbing technicians at Aramendia Plumbing, Heating and Air. We are available 7 days a week for all your emergency plumbing needs. We offer free quotes, inspections and no travel fees!

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