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Central Air Conditioning

Aramendia is a leading provider of central air conditioning services in the San Antonio area. Through the years, we have performed at a level that has earned us a reputation of providing high-quality work with an emphasis on superior customer service and satisfaction. We are proud of our integrity, work ethic and standard of professionalism that we deliver to our customers seeking air conditioning services.

Important Central AC Features

Central air conditioning is one of the most desirable features that people want in their homes or offices.  Home buyers often look for homes with central air or would be willing to pay more to have it.  Installing a central HVAC system can be a great investment now and for the long-term if you decide to sell your home. You no longer have to use large window units, or move a portable fan from room to room. A professionally installed central air system by Aramendia can provide an even heating and cooling temperature in every room.

There are many benefits to installing an HVAC system including:

  • Systematic Climate Control – Programmable thermostats of central air systems can provide uniform temperature control throughout the property.  Some homes can have thermostats for different areas of the home allowing for increased climate control for the entire system. This is called zoning. Call Aramendia to see if this option is right for your home.
  • Energy Efficiency – Systems can be programmed to automatically regulate to designated temperatures at different times of the day, allowing flexibility in climate control and reducing costs by following pre-set programs that tell the system to run more or less depending on need. 
  • Superior Air Quality – Central air systems incorporate the use of filters that assist in removing allergens and dust from the air that is ventilated throughout the home. This can improve the quality of the air by reducing the amount of pollutants that may be dispersed.
  • Noise Reduction – Advances in technology have created central air units that operate significantly quieter than window AC units.  Most houses only require one or two units to cool their homes. Units are often placed on the side or back of the home therefore the noise is reduced considerably. Aramendia's preferred brand, American Standard, is known for having the quietest systems on the market to date.

Everyone wants to be able to feel comfortable in their home, so it can be imperative that a central HVAC system is working properly from season to season. Typically, HVAC systems can last 10 to 15 years.  We recommend having your system serviced on an semi-annual basis to ensure that everything is functioning properly and performing up to standards.  This may ultimately prolong the life of your system.

Our trained technicians service each HVAC system by thoroughly inspecting the central air conditioning unit, identifying any potential issues and informing our homeowners of their replacement or repair options. This may assist in avoiding more costly repairs later, or may prevent a major break down in the heat of summer. Routine maintenance helps extend the life of a system while maintaining its peak performance level which can save you time and money over the long run.


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We employ qualified technicians that are knowledgeable and are experts in servicing air conditioning systems. We encourage ongoing training for our team of service pros so that they are equipped with the skills to face the challenges of any job, large or small.
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